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coursehero1 003 - Insects in Music OBJECTIVES 1 To...

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Unformatted text preview: Insects in Music OBJECTIVES: 1. To introduce the concept that insects have been the subjects of numerous songs and other musical works. 2. To learn that insects have been admired for their musical abilities I. Insects in music A. Songs with insect themes: 7 T‘Wxflr Dawn 2:. Wfilw'i—ué, TWmi-xd - Tb. W 'h’fla Torfld" Dru/tau £3055”??? " 5WD". ‘O'wxi‘m 13.94 — W l id”? B. Group names With Insect theme er‘m wiiw 1:) J6, i’t- Ji’b II. Exampief‘srdfinsgét—themed music MW (fir .J-J Q'Jm,LM M Lg" C c , 3 III. Use of insects’ sounds (music) in “new wave music”. IV. Conclusions: A. Insects have been used as subjects in songs and also in names of musical groups. B. Insects have contributed to the arts including music. ...
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