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3. Tues. 11-20 - c. In new Guiney if man eats with women...

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Tuesday 11/20/07 Symbolism – Day 3 1. Symbol—something that stands for something else a. Symbols of resistance vs. symbols of domination i. Flag is a marker of a group that is resisting b. Summarizing symbol American flag. Memorials can unify people c. Elaborating symbol elaborates symbols. Ex. Green Bay Packers and Vikings d. Key symbols—ex. Role of cherry blossoms, romantic image for komokozy. This theme picked up by pilots—wore cherry blossoms. Used to suggest that they were dying for the emperor e. Symbols have a lot of emotional content 2. Food a. Social meaning varies tremendously b. Often related to sexual intercourse—is some cultures
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Unformatted text preview: c. In new Guiney if man eats with women then he cant marry her d. Americanideal all sit together nuclear family e. Tylandlots of people and guests f. Kind g. Context of where you eat a kind of food h. McDonalds in Tylandmuch different than in American. It is fast and slow. Wasnt very successful because many people vegitarians 3. Clothing a. Different clothes for different occasions b. Tattoos 4. Houses a. Different kinds of meaning b. Way village is layed out c. Places for men and women d. Different places for different activities....
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