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5. Thurs. 11-29 - shaped 9 Sex is not part of all marriages...

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Thursday November 29, 2007 Day 5 – Kinship 1. Thailand: men marry into women’s village 2. Matrilineal descent—going through the daughter 3. Patrilineal descent—our society, last names, always going through the son 4. Bilateral Kinship—both sides of the family being equal inheritance 5. Kinship terminology—most extreme: fictive kinship 6. American definition of marriage a. Monogamy—permanent, man and women b. ceremony (wedding)—religious , vows c. license d. Aren’t arranged e. Love f. Children g. Economic benefits—joint assets h. Consummation/sex i. Living together/ residence 7. Classic definition of marriage 1955, but can’t have the same definition for all societies— a. Legal father b. Monopoly in the wife’s’ sexuality c. Domestic and other labor d. Property e. Relationship of affinity 8. Kinship is huge, economic and political consequences, how society as a whole should be
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Unformatted text preview: shaped 9. Sex is not part of all marriages 10. Polygamy a. polyandry—one woman, many husbands b. polygamy—one man many wives 11. Residence patterns a. Large percentage of societies are patrilocal—women moves into man’s village or home b. Avunculocal—live with your mother’s brothers c. Bilocal d. Matrilocal—man moves into women’s village or home e. Neolocal 12. Economic consequences of different marriage patterns 13. Primogenitor—first born child gets land 14. Altimogenitor—last born child gets land a. Thailand with last female child 15. Economic and political consequences a. Do what your parents teach you b. How we take care of our relatives...
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