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6. Tues 12-4 - 7 Women don’t really see their husband as...

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December 4, 2007 Day 6 – Asante Video 1. Took an hour to negotiated a price, many people get involved 2. Very blunt with eachother 3. Women sell and buy at the market a. Woman sounds strong, wants to be able to support her children if she had to 4. Asante are polygamy a. Think it is useful to have many wives b. Women can’t cook when menstruating c. When one is sick the other will look after the children etc… 5. Marriage is important because it provides them with children a. Mother and children very important, husband not very important 6. Typical marriage in Asante not happy, men are “very, very bad”
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Women don’t really see their husband as part of their family 8. When women always live with their mother and their maternal village 9. Women take turns sleeping with husband; how often depends on the man 10. Women get kicked out of their husband’s village after he dies 11. Women very strong, stick together, and serious about their job 12. Women have monopoly on the market 13. Women don’t go to school 14. Fights break out in market everyday 15. Young girls help their mothers with chores...
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