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Thursday December 6, 2007 Day 7 – Politics and Economics 1. Foreign exchange 2. Economy—household management (dictionary definition) 3. Three thing anthologists look at in relation to economy a. Production – ownership, means of production, land, labor (labor patterns: slave, voluntary, corvey etc, capital: money, exchanging (the word salary comes from salt) b. Distribution i. Gift exchange 1. Equal 2. Positive 3. Negative – someone getting more exchange than the other. Theft most negative ii. Reciprocity = equal exchange iii. Redistribution – 1. Market economy in our society c. Consumption –can see how societies values shape economy
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Unformatted text preview: i. The role of alcohol and addictions ii. What we’re eating, what we think is appropriate to eat 1. Associations and stereotypes, whose suppose to eat what iii. Clothing and shoes – anything we “have to have” iv. Sex – prostitution v. Gems 4. Ethnic identity – not fixed a. Priorital ties b. Situational ethnicity—can draw upon many heritages i. Nested, depends on the context 5. Situational leadership – leadership changes according to the situation 6. What is a family? Who are we responsible for? 7. What do we want? What do We Want to accomplish?...
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