Anth 100 Study Guide - Anthropology 100 Fall 2007...

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Anthropology 100 Fall 2007 – Archaeology Segment Exam Format The exam will consist of three sections with a total of 100 points: - 30 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each. - 4 identifications worth 10 points each. The identification terms will be drawn from the list below. You will be able to choose from amongst 6 terms. Terms / Topics Archaeology Franz Boas Artifact Ecofact Feature Context Association Survey Reconnaissance Remote sensing Excavation Clearing Excavations Law of Superposition Stratigraphy Stylistic attributes Formal attributes Technological attributes Epistemology Scientific archaeology vs psuedoarchaeology Yax K’uk’ Mo’ Yax Pasaj Chan Yoat (also called Yax Pasah) Copan Tikal Teotihuacan Altar Q Ch’okte Na’ (The Sprout Tree House) Rosalila Structure Margarita Tomb Hunal Structure Hunal Tomb Talud-Tablero Epigraphy Conjunctive Approach Strontium Isotope Analysis Clovis-First Model Three-Wave Model Paleoindians Clovis Points Folsom Points Monte Verde Kennewick Man Solutrean Tradition NAGPRA Paleoindian Woodland Effigy Mounds Easter Island Rapa Nui Rano Raraku Moai Ahu Toki Mana Moai Paro Thor Heyerdahl Erich Von Däniken Jo Anne Van Tilburg Birdman Maya Civilization Bonampak Murals Divine Kingship The Collapse Drought Caraico Little Big Horn Treaty of Fort Laramie George Armstrong Custer Crazy Horse
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Anth 100 Study Guide - Anthropology 100 Fall 2007...

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