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Abby Elconin Section: Tues. 1:20 Smolenski Interview Paper Discovering the Differences When I was told I had to interview someone of a different culture than myself, no person came to mind right away. However, after thinking about it for awhile it came to me. It should have come easy; obviously one of my good friend, Tanya Pashko was born in Ukraine. It’s ironic because I often forget that Tanya comes from a very different background and has had many different experiences than I have. Tanya was born in Ukraine and grew up in a small town near Kiev. She remembers always playing with her friends and running outside. Despite the lack of money, Tanya described the atmosphere in Ukraine as being happy and not depressing at all. Tanya specifically remembers a time when all her family ate was bread because they couldn’t afford anything else; however, she didn’t think much of it, and didn’t realize that this happened because they were poor. At around the age of six, Tanya’s father left her and her mother and they eventually got divorced because her father was having an affair with another woman. Again, Tanya was somewhat confused because she was very young. She mainly understood that her father did something bad and remained on her mother’s
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side. Because of this incident, Tanya and her mother moved in with Tanya’s
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interview - Abby Elconin Section Tues 1:20 Smolenski...

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