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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Perseus and Myths of the Argive...

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Chapter 13 – Perseus and Myths of the Argive Plain Argive plain – souther and Central Greece; richest province in Greece in its physical remains from the Greek Cronze Age; lots of myths from here o Lion Gate at Mycenae – only surviving sculpture from Bronze Age o Capitol: Argos, often confused with Mycenae Perseus – Famous Hero, stories close to folktale o In myth found Mycenae Tiryns – south of Mycenae; a fortress surrounded by amazing walls of immense stones o Persues was king of Tiryns when he founded Mycenae o Where Heracles lives a lot of the time IO AND HER DESCENDANTS The Wanderings of Io AESCHYLUS, Prometheus Bound Io – ancestor of three dynasties: Argos, Thebes, and Crete; o Parents Melis (nymph and Oceanid, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys) and Inachus (god of the river that flows through the Argive Plai n o priestess of Hera who zeus lusted o Zeus impregnated her in the form of mist Hera saw one cloud in the sky and thought it suspicious, she knew what was up Zeus changed Io into a cow to disguise her Hera asked for the cow as a gift and set up the monster Argus to keep Io away from Zeus To free Io Zeus sent Hermes to the rescue: sang song and Argus fell asleep and cut head off. Set Io free o Her sent a gadfly to torment her made Io wander Finds Prometheus, tells him her story of seduction Prometheus predicts endless wanderings, in Egypt change back to human form and when zeus touches her with her hands she will become pregnant with Epaphus. And finally that her descendent Heracles will set him, Prometheus free. Danaus o Belus was his father; descendent of Epaphus and Memphis and also Posiedon o Twin brother: Aegyptus, king of Arabia, had 50 sons o Danaus: King of Libya, ahd 50 daugthers – the Danaids o Aegyptus suggested that their sons and daughters get married , Danaus suspected that Aeg was trying to gain power with Athens help fled to Argo with his daughters (home of Io) Becomes king o Aegyptus follows and demands that the Danaids marry his sons, and eventually Danaus agrees but gives each of the Danaids a dagger to kill their husband on their wedding night
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Chapter 13 – Perseus and Myths of the Argive Plain Danaids – 50 daughters of Danaus o Given daggers by father to kill their husbands, sons of Aegyptus, on their wedding night 49 daughter presented their father with the head of their husband Hypermnestra was the only one who spared her husband, Lynceus (all but one motif***) Because he spared her virginity Imprisoned because disobeyed father but later released and allowed to remain with husband later house of Argo
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