Chapter 15 - Theseus (Autosaved)

Chapter 15 - Theseus (Autosaved) - Chapter 15 Theseus and...

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Chapter 15 – Theseus and the Myths of Athens Theseus – Athens greatest Hero o Legends made in sixth and fifth centuries BC when Athens became an important military power and cultural center CECROPS, ERICHTHONIUS, AND THE DAUGHTERS OF CECROPS Cecrops – three origin claim; one is that they were descended from this mortal “sprung from the earth” o He simply sprang from the earch with the form of a snake beneath the waist and a man above – symbolized origin from the earth o Reign of Cecrops was a golden age Athena and Poseidon competed fro recognition as patron of the city, Athena offering the olive and Poseidon a spring of saltwater citizens chose Athena Erichthonius – early king of Athens who came to the throne after cecrops died o Came from a piece of wool with Hephaestus’ semen on it (he wanted to get with Athena) “the man of wool and earth” (Athena mother) o Athena put erich in a basket and gave it to cecrops daughters and told them not to look, two of them look and jump to their death so Athena raises him Obsercations: The Festical of the Dew Carriers Reflect the story of the daughter of Cecrops 2 girls live all year in a special house on the acropolis and wove a robe offered to the staue of athena Talk about in lecture??????? PROCRIS AND CEPHALUS (OVID, Metamorphosis) Cephalus – son of Herse (daughter of Cecrops) and Hermes; marries Procris o Marriage was so perfect so he didn’t think something was right Came to procris in disguise and offered her a golden crown to sleep with him and she agreed revealed who he was and procris fled to crete Procris – grandaughter rof erichthonius and marries Cephalus o Comes back to Athens disguised as a boy and says to cephalus that if he sleeps with her she’ll give him laelaps and a special spear….he says yes and procris reveals herself and they get back together again Laelaps – magical hound, always caught what it chased o Given to procris from Minos in Crete because she cured him of a curse: spider
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Chapter 15 - Theseus (Autosaved) - Chapter 15 Theseus and...

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