10-29M - Conception Pregnancy Contraception Methods of...

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Methods of Contraception Hormonal Barrier Behavioral Progestin-Only Insertive Condoms Receptive Condom Diaphragm Cervical Cap Spermicides & Sponge Paraguard (Non-Hormonal IUD) Withdrawal Fertility Awareness Abstinence Oral Contraceptives Ortho Evra (Patch) Nuva-Ring Progestin-Only Pills Depo-Provera Implanon Mirena (Hormonal IUD) Emergency Contraception Announcements: 1. Remember to flip readings for next week (11/5 – 11/7) 2. Infertility—won’t lecture on science, read chapter, know for exam (review sheet) 3. Today—finish contraception, look at social issues related to repro justice, Wed., look at repro justice and relationship to repro technologies INFERTILITY SCIENCE—BASIC TERMS CAUSES OF INFERTILY FEMALE AND MALE OFTEN WORK TOGETHER Combination Hormonal Methods **These don’t “fit into” the menstrual cycle—they override it** Four Mechanisms of Action (How They Work): 1. Prevent ovulation (primary) Mimic luteal phase, usual negative feedback loop 2. Thicken cervical fluid (which inhibits sperm travel) 3. Slow egg transport in the fallopian tubes 4. Alter the Endometrium to inhibit implantation Swollen but not a lot of layers Menstrual suppression (Seasonale, Seasonique, Lybrel): Ads are not health information! How works i. Lining never gets thick, not a lot to break down. Withdrawal without hormones results in bleeding Concern with added hormone exposure that has no contraceptive benefit Seasonale—9 extra weeks of hormones, plus relatively higher E dosages (.03 vs. .02 or .025) = minimum of 23% increase i. With no benfit, safe maybe? Unsafe maybe? ii. More estrogen
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iii. First cycles 65% unpredictable bleeding, 30%?? Breakthrough bleeding 20 days! 65%, 7 days bleeding, 35%, 20 or more; one year, 42% 7 days, 15% 20 or more Seasonique—when patent expiring, just modify a bit—add .01 mg to placebos i. Littlebit of estrogen in placebo pills, nearly identical to seasonal Lybrel—13 extra weeks, lower end of E dosage = 33% increase in hormone exposure i. Should be hesitant ii. No placebo pills, keep taking hormones “Kiss Your Period Goodbye” i. article in reader—printed in Cosmo, full of inaccuracies ii. You’ll go over in section—use analysis of it as a model for your next papers Yaz—more misleading marketing Unique form of progestin that is somewhat anti-androgenic i. Sometimes mimic effects of androgens in b.c. Reduces water retention (bloating) and acne, increases potassium i. Don’t retain water few days before period PMDD claim—just only pill that’s tested for it thus far (like Ortho for skin); only tested for 3 months i. Most women on BC note reduction on PMDD on most BC pills. ii.
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10-29M - Conception Pregnancy Contraception Methods of...

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