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Birth Film – 11/26/07 1. 1 out of 4 women have c-section 2. Birth faster when women move 3. Although a social event now seen as a surgical event particularly in America a. America—not good balance in maternity care, no midwifes b. Unnecessary use of technology c. All babies cut out or pulled out but not necessary i. Negative experience for women and baby maybe d. Are all technological interventions necessary?? 4. “Pregnancy not an illness” 5. Back labor intense because baby’s back towards mother’s back 6. Selective prosecution
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Unformatted text preview: a. Midwifing illegal without degree i. Midwife okay if nothing bad happens, despite many people know she is a midwife with no degree 7. When in labor need good mothering 8. Most women can deliver vaginally a. Myth: once a c section always and c section 9. If stressed in labor…stop laboring 10. Subtle interventions slows labor 11. When baby is born knows mother 12.Age is not a significant factor when giving birth 13. Babies are fully aware at birth, they do feel pain profoundly...
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