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Direct to Consumer Advertising 1) FDA Modernization Act of 1997 a) Allowed ads to direct consumers to i) toll-free phone number ii) print advertisement iii)internet address iv) doctor or pharmacist b) Resulting increase in DTC ads and spending i) In 1995, 10 new drugs advertised; 1998, 24 new drugs ii) In 1996, $791 million spent on DTC ads; 2001, $2.7 billion 2) DTC works a) More drugs prescribed—doctors cave to pressure i) 75% of patients immediately given a prescription ii) 25% more prescriptions written for the 50 most advertised drugs between
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Unformatted text preview: 1999 and 2000; only 4% more for the other 9, 482 drugs b) More money made i) Retail sales 1999-2000 (1)50 most heavily DTC advertised drugs accounted for 48% of $20.8 billion increase in retail spending (2)Other 9,482 drugs accounted for the other 52% ii) Sales growth, 1999-2000 (1)50 most advertised was 32% (2)All others 14% iii)For every dollar spent on ads, yields $4.20 in sales 1...
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