Outline-Concepts 10-10

Outline-Concepts 10-10 - Key Concepts & Outline:...

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I. Sexuality Education--review a. Gendered differences b. Different models of school sexuality education i. Abstinence-only programs 1. Very old, long time 2. Religious education okay 3. Narrow set of values 4. Fear in teaching young people about sexuality a. Think kids are going to start having crazy sex—not true ii. Comprehensive programs 1. Some think mixed message—wrong: avoid unprotected sexual activity (key message) 2. Europe 3. Sex isn’t irresponsible no protection is 4. Trusting young people to make good choices 5. Health issues, to improve health, not one pluralistic outcome iii. European models 1. U.S. engage in sex same time 17.5 y.o. 2. U.S. has the highest rates in everything a. Gonorrhea 66 times greater in germany b. STI significantly higher rate in U.S. than Europe II. STIs a. Infection vs. disease i. Disease what someone has forever; sounds worse ii. Infections Currible iii. b. STIs as a public health problem i. Rates are greater in youths and adults ii. 25% sexually active people have a STI iii. This is everybody but people don’t talk about it! Even with HCP’s. No silence around other problems: smoking etc. c. Immune System i. Antigen-substance that elicits a response from the immune
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system; body sees it as not self. “Hey foreign invader I need to fight”
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Outline-Concepts 10-10 - Key Concepts & Outline:...

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