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Outline-Key Concepts 10-22 - i Menarche ii Amenorrhea iii...

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Key Concepts & Outline: Monday 10/22 I. Endocrine System & Hormones a. Adrenal glands i. Cortex 1. Cortisol 2. Sex steroids ii. Medulla adrenalin b. Ovaries (and Testes) i. Sex steroids ii. Relaxin c. Physiologic effects of sex steroids i. Estrogens—Estradiol, Estrone, Estriol ii. Progestins—Progesterone iii. Androgens-Testosterone II. Other Menstruation Terms & Concepts
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Unformatted text preview: i. Menarche ii. Amenorrhea iii. Prostaglandins iv. Dysmenorrhea v. Endometriosis vi. Dioxins vii. TSS viii. PMS & PMDD III. Understanding Fertility a. Conception b. Pregnancy c. Contraception d. Products of Conception i. Zygote: ii. Blastocyst iii. Embryo iv. Fetus e. Fertile period for women...
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