Outline-Key Concepts 10-31 - Key Concepts Outline Wednesday...

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Next Wednesday exame review 5:45 Bring exam review I. Wrap Up—Emergency Contraception and Abortion a. Recommended plan b i. Condom breakage ii. Expensive 35 dollars iii. Not nearly effective as other oral contraceptions iv. Denied because not sure what the effects will be long term— hypocritical contradictory v. Kept behind counter vi. Long process to get approved vii. Going to increase promiscuity because of back up method of birth control II. Abortion in US a. Ability to control abortion is necessary for equality for women b. Womens economic social equality better when can control their abortion rights c. Demand for abortion exists world wide. Has to do with women not able to control fertility d. Very safe i. Risk of death from child birth is 11 times higher ii. Less than .5 % of patients have any complications e. Common procedure i. 21/1000 women age 15-44 have an abortion annually (2% of women) ii. 1/3 women will have an abortion before age 45 f. Deomgraphics of women who have abortions i. Age: 1. 56% in their 20’s 2. 23% in their 30’s 3. 17% in their teens ii. Married: 19% iii. Mothers: >60% iv. Use contraception: 56% 1. More women learn how to accurately use contraception less unwanted pregnancies less abortions
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g. 2 abotions unlikekly 30 years old III. Anti Oppression Work a. Attitudinal oppression—is about peoples attitude, set of personal assumptions feelings or beliefs and attitudes about a marginalized
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Outline-Key Concepts 10-31 - Key Concepts Outline Wednesday...

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