Outline-Key Concepts 11-5 - Outline Key Concepts Monday...

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I. Reproductive Technologies a. Case study of reproductive issue b. Can help form untraditional families. i. Lesbians ii. Single mothers c. Liberating tool but not always—couples seeking designer babies, unequal access d. Key message from article—expensive risky and not very successful e. Costs about 10,000 dollars per cycle, very few insurance co. cover f. 125,000 one year done in US g. Only 26% time in live birth h. Other risks associated with it, endometrial and ovarian cancer i. Down stream prevent infertility upstream i. Poor nutrition ii. Sti’s j. People infertile least access to these procedures k. Whitemore likely to use even though black women more likely to be infertile. White more than twice the rate, close to twice as Hispanic i. Economic oppression ii. Color greater marginalization 1. Reflection of other oppressions iii. Lack of trust in med system iv. Alskdfj l. Scientific research MORE……………. m. Women not a monolific group. Not all the same Economic social and political oppressions shape HC experiences Played out in reproductive technoologies II. Weight and Health i. Ideology—circulate in culure, the way things should be ii. HI—clipses all others, unbelievable any other way than that iii. Something that never gets question, not discussion of any other possibility iv. Both men and women
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v. Women values and judged in the way men are not vi. More on women than men vii. Women less likely to get into school and jobs when heavy despite other factors viii. Obese women disproportionaly poor ix. Research shows obese can cause poverty x. More women earn income via their bodies than men do xi. This HI—leads women to see their bodies as propeteul mofications process xii. Look at magazine message you are not okay as you are, need to be a certain way
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Outline-Key Concepts 11-5 - Outline Key Concepts Monday...

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