Outline-Key Concepts 11-14

Outline-Key Concepts 11-14 - Outline & Key Concepts:...

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VIOLENCE I. Is a gendered issue a. Impacts both men and women b. Is different for men and women i. Men more likely to be hurt by stranger 1. Authorities brought into situation ii. Women more likely to get hurt by someone they know and love 1. Often don’t tell anyone don’t want to call the police loop 2. More likely to be sexually assaulted iii. As victims 1. Women—kicked slapped, pushed through a window iv. As perpetrators 1. Women far more likely to be fighting back 2. Men—power and control (most perpetrators) c. Culture—men more action, women more internalize d. Can impact anyone e. Impacts women of all groups, but sometimes differently i. Women of color might not use criminal justice system to protect herself ii. Women who don’t speak English iii. Women who are not legal citizens iv. Women related to public figures v. Many women have barriers that hold them back from telling someone II. Is a serious, but HIDDEN health issue a. Batter is the single most common cause of injury in the US—more that car accidents, rap, and mugging combined
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Outline-Key Concepts 11-14 - Outline & Key Concepts:...

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