Exam 3 Review - WS 103: EXAM 3 (FINAL) REVIEW SHEET FALL...

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WS 103: EXAM 3 (FINAL) REVIEW SHEET FALL 2007 A note on the readings in WH, BO, and the course reader: As with the first two exams, I will not be testing you on nuanced or very specific details in the articles, but you should understand the key points of each of the assigned readings. Like the second exam, this exam may have more reading specific questions than the first exam, as I’ve continued to draw on specific concepts in the readings more frequently in lecture than I did earlier in the semester. If I’ve mentioned a reading in lecture I would consider it “extra” important to know its key points. You should know key points from the following films: Killing Us Softly 3 (Advertising/Images of Women) o The ways advertising creates a culture that objectifies wome and then violence is a result. Before abusing men usually see women as objects first o Women more judged by their appearance so disproportionate impact on women o Men still judged in ads but effects or worse and different for women The Pill o When developed o Who o History o Where tested o Transcript pbs.com************ Gentle Birth Choices (Childbirth) o Statisctically midwifing better: pregnancy and child brith normal health process o Key points from childbirth lecture If you were not in lecture you’ll need to get notes from someone or locate the videos yourself. We will not set up screenings. Killing Us Softly is available in MadCat, The Pill is available through the Madison Public Library, and Gentle Birth Choices is available through both sources. Hegemonic Ideology Health information related to body size o Body Fat %--women are suppose to have higher body fat % than men o Body Mass Index (BMI)—height weight ratio, what’s ideal, weight per volume 18-25, doesn’t account muscle mass or body fat percentage- BUT muscle ways more than fat so can be decieving o o Starvation Medical Model of Obesity and Health (know the two premises below, the problems with each of them discussed in lecture, and outcomes of this model) o Obesity is an epidemic that causes other health problems o Obesity is something that people can “fix” or control—belief that it’s behavioral, not physical Dieting
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o Failure Rates o Hypertension and diabetes associated with Yo, yo dieting o No studies show fat people eat less than thin people o Negative Health Impacts—physical and mental Clinical disorders o Criteria very broad, many people that way o Anorexia o Bulimia o Problems with DSM IV Definitions very serious issues but many of the clinical behaviors are actually very normal and serisous health issues for “normal” people o Normalized pathology o Continuum of behaviors Violence Gendered Issues Different Issues for Different Women (These are on the handout on Learn@UW. Know these
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Exam 3 Review - WS 103: EXAM 3 (FINAL) REVIEW SHEET FALL...

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