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Abby Elconin ETD 221 Clare Vogel Discussion section: Wednesday 2:25 Project 2: Perception Grainger Hall is a modern building with sleek lines and lots of windows. This is a general description of one’s basic impression of Grainger Hall. The most memorable feature in Grainger Hall is the center atrium with its very high ceiling. However, when looking at Grainger Hall through an analytical lens, one’s perception of the building changes. Even though the four units of design—figures, patterns, form, and space—work together to result in the building’s design, by analyzing Grainger Hall with the five aesthetic elements of design—line, color, texture, shape, and space—and the Gestalt Laws of form perception, the observer will be able to interpret the building more incisively. When looking at the figures in Grainger Hall, the design elements of line, color, and shape are predominantly used. On the interior, throughout the building, the floor uses the figure on ground concept. Most of the tiles on the floor are grey, making it the ground, while some tiles are black or white that form patterns and groupings which are perceived as the figure on the ground. The Gestalt Laws of proximity and similarity also apply to the tile floor. The way the four black tiles are grouped together reflects the law of proximity. The way the white tiles line up to form one large stripe exemplifies the law of similarity because many small shapes of the same color are grouped together to make a single shape. On the exterior of Grainger Hall, the figures convey the reversibility of form concept. That is when looking at the window groupings using the Gestalt law of proximity, it is hard for the viewer to differentiate which shape is the figure and which shape is the ground. However, other windows on Grainger Hall use positive and negative space because “. form is entirely
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Project 2 - Abby Elconin ETD 221 Clare Vogel Discussion...

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