Project 6 - Abby Elconin and Brianna Johnson Section Mon...

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Abby Elconin and Brianna Johnson Section: Mon. 3:00 Vogel Project 6: Aging Overture Center Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 3 The newly remodeled Overture Center, right off State Street, has a beautiful contemporary design. However, when designing the building the needs of the clients were very much forgotten. Although the Overture Center is very popular by its elderly cliental, the architectures and designers made a building that does not fit their needs and capabilities. Since the Overture Center does not fully address the physical needs, informational needs, or social needs for older people, this analysis will discuss how these needs and capabilities are not met and will provide some ideas for improvement that will help not only older people, but people of all ages.
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For people in general, their physical needs are poorly fulfilled, and even worse for the elderly in the design of the Overture Center. In this building the seating is very scarce in the lobby and in waiting areas. This does not make sense since it is likely many people will be waiting before a performance here. The Overture Center’s waiting areas are very large and could afford to have more places to sit. The cushioned benches it does have, which is the main type of seating, are firm and wide, making them comfortable to sit on and fairly easy to get out of. However, for older people it might be hard to stand up from these firm cushioned benches because there are no arm rests and nothing to sturdy yourself when standing up. So a reasonable solution to the seating problems in the Overture Center would be to add some firm love seat sized benches or couches with firm armrests. The acoustics and lighting in the Overture Center are also poorly thought out in the
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Project 6 - Abby Elconin and Brianna Johnson Section Mon...

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