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ENG 175 Sakai essay 3 September 16, 2018 Faulkner's use of space inAbsalom, Absalom! When looking at spatial elements of the novelAbsalom, Absalom!written by William Faulkner we can see how significant Sutpen's Hundred is in relation to the time period. Faulkner seems to use the plantation home in the south to further tell the story of the Civil War. The war began as the northern part of the United States declared that slavery was illegal. The south pushed back on this by succeeding from the union and going to battle with the northern army. Over one million americans lost their lives in a battle that turned a nation against each other all over the right to own slaves. The reason the South fought so hard to keep slavery was that it was their way of life. Similar to Thomas Sutpen plantation owners used slaves to tend to the fields and to work as servants in the home. To purchase slaves a person would go to a selling place. The
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