Ambient Air Pollution

Ambient Air Pollution - Ambient Air Pollution 2/12/08...

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Ambient Air Pollution 2/12/08 Ambient (outdoor) Air Polution: The outdoor air of the US was so dirty 75 years ago that people were dropping dead from it. Denora, Pennsylvania 1948: Built along the river because of its industrial workings, Population 14,00, located in a valley. October 26 – a temperature inversion occurred (warm air trapping cold air near the ground) causing stable air (a fog that lasted 4.5 days). The problem with this is that if pollutants are put into that air they will stay their. Sulfur dioxide given off by burning coal and melting ore caused 6000 people to become immediately and acutely ill, 20 people died. This caused the US Public Health Service to be called in. This was the first time air pollution was officially recognized as a potential public health problem. Sulfur gases combined with particulates or sulfuric acid mists caused the problem. The Great London Smog (Dec. 1952): Cold front, Londoners burned soft coal Factories and power plants added to the smog A temperature inversion occurred causing five days of the worst smog the city had ever seen They called it “pea soup” fogs. Public transportation stopped and indoor concerts had to be closed because nobody could see the stage. Deaths occurred in the thousands (five thousand deaths that December) (normally there would be 2-3 thousand deaths). People died of lung related diseases. They came to the conclusion that the deaths were caused by pollution. A new analysis of the 1952 lungs showed small particles deep in the lungs. They are not sure of the source of the small particulates (Diesel perhaps) Diesel Exhaust is a complex mixture of particles and gases including carbon, condensed hydrocarbon gases, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) (the latter is suspected of being carcinogens). Health Effects of Diesel Exhaust: epidemiological evidence suggests that those exposed
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Ambient Air Pollution - Ambient Air Pollution 2/12/08...

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