Indoor Air Poultion - INDOOR AIR POLUTION Jack Spangler...

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INDOOR AIR POLUTION 2/14/08 Jack Spangler showed as part of a Harvard study that gas cooking stoves caused indoor NO2 levels to be as high as or higher than outdoor levels. NO2 Diffusion tubes showed that indoor levels were higher in the winter because windows are shut and more cooking is done. New buildings (The Trueaxe building) were shown to be worse (calling in sick and reporting headaches nausea and sleepiness) than old buildings because of unknown reasons associated with air quality. Sick Building Syndrome (SBC): A group of nonspecific symptoms (eye, nose, or throat irritation, headache, fatigue, nausea and sometimes others) associated with occupancy of a sick building; there is an absence of lab and clinical link with specific disease process. Why did it suddenly start in the 1970s? The ventilation goals for the country increased in the fresh air era in the 20s and then in the 1970s, because of the Arab Oil Embargo, new building ventilation decreased in an effort to save money. Building Related Illness (BRI): specific recognized disease entity which is clearly related to chemical infectious or allergic agents in the building which can be detected by clinical lab tests on patients or by identification of the source in buildings. (Exp. Legionella infection (bacteria that grows in AC tanks), hypersensitivity pneumonitis) Pollution Concentration increases with decrease Air exchange rates. Total Exposure of a Human to an Air Pollutant Concentration of the contaminant Duration of the Exposure Time Budget Diaries showed that: The average American worker spends 40 minutes outdoors per day The average American house-person spends 20 minutes outdoor per day The average American worker spends 14 hrs inside the home, 6 hrs inside at work, 1.5 hours in transit, 1 hr shopping banking etc., and 12 minutes outside in the yard or garden.
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Indoor Air Poultion - INDOOR AIR POLUTION Jack Spangler...

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