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HRI 101 Exam One Review

HRI 101 Exam One Review - HRI 101 Exam One Review Chapter 2...

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HRI 101 Exam One Review Chapter 2: Unique components of hospitality Product not tangible Inseparability Perishability (food in restaurants) Capacity constrained business: Hotels and restaurants only have so much space. Try to shift demands to time when business is low. Service: Meeting customers’ needs Keys to Success 1. Don’t forget who you are 2. Encourage every employee to act like a manager 3. Handle moments of truth 4. Hire good people and keep them happy, hire for attitude over skill set. 5. Guest loyalty 7 Deadly Sins of Service: 1. Apathy: forgetting you are there to provide a service 2. Brush-off: ignoring customers because you are too busy 3. Coldness: 4. Condescension: 5. Robotics: all employees have the same canned response 6. Rule book: 7. Runaround: The Disney Example: “We create happiness” Customers are referred to as guests
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Employees are cast members One day orientation called welcome to show business Every job is important Disney’s 4 Basic Service Priorities: Safety Show Courtesy efficiency Chapter 4: Industry Associations: The National Restaurant Association: The NRA sends out periodicals monthly to keep their members informed. They also have and annual trade show in Chicago in May. This is the largest restaurant show in the country; it allows industry people to network. Associations in the hospitality field may be organized on several different levels. Associations may be created to meet the needs of individuals, businesses or organizations of one specific area. States have hospitality and tourism associations that serve the needs of members on a statewide level.
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