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econ 2 1st exam_001_001

econ 2 1st exam_001_001 - PART II Graphs and Short Answer...

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Unformatted text preview: PART II Graphs and Short Answer Write your answer or draw your graph neatly in the space provided. Make sure you address all parts of the question. Points vary and are indicated in each question. Q 1. Draw a production FOSSIblhtIeS fronfier forrguns and butter. Supgose that both of . . A" '. " - MM. - "' these goods are sgblqpt to WIEEK m glflogportuggmxogtggprodugggn, andrbe sure thag 193;;th reflacta "‘5'" ' H gggfigmamfinnmfive Opportunity Cost _ of Smoothie ...
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