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ECON 1014 HOMEWORK #5 Name: ________________ Student #:_____________ Pawprint: ____________ Due by 9pm on Wednesday, October 31. Homework assignments must be scanned and uploaded to Canvas by the deadline. Only one file may be submitted, and it must be in one of the following formats .doc, docx, or pdf. NO JPEG OR OTHER IMAGE FILES WILL BE ACCEPTED. For detailed instructions on how to use the CamScanner app to submit your homework assignment, see the step-by-step instructional document available on the Canvas course page. Submitted assignments that do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted and will receive a zero grade. Homework Policy Questions (Hints: the answers can be found in the instructions on the homework submission page) I. Do you need to email us when you fail to submit your homework on time for any reason? (1 pt) A. Yes, I should email you anyway to see if there is a chance to have my homework accepted. B. No. I know that no late homework will be accepted for any reason in this class and my lowest homework score will be dropped automatically, so one missed homework will not affect my grade at all. II. What s the best strategy to submit your homework on Canvas in terms of the submission time? (1 pt) A. Submit as early as possible. Leave enough time before the deadline to deal with any possible issues occurred for homework submission. B. Wait till the last minute before the deadline. III. What should you do after you upload your homework file on Canvas? (1 pt) A. Close the window immediately and have a drink with my friends to celebrate my submission. B. Always double check my uploaded file on Canvas and make sure everything looks good. Resubmit the entire homework file if any issues are found on the already uploaded file.
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