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<P>One of the biggest parts of Evolution is Natural Selection. It allows nature to flourish, having only the organisms with traits most beneficial to the environment to survive. David Reznick and John Endler used this as an evolutionary tool when testing diversities in guppies. <P>The guppies tested by Endler and Reznick were of the same species but located in different populations. The guppies, living in diverse habitats were preyed upon by different predators. In attempt to give an example of this diversity, some pools contained small killifish only preying on young, juvenile guppies. These guppies reproduced at an older age and grew larger. In another pool there is the pike-cichlid, a larger predator, only eating the larger guppies. These guppies grew slower but would reproduce earlier. This led Endler and Reznick to suggest that natural selection played a major role in growth and age of maturity. To test these assumptions Endler and Reznick transplanted guppies into different pools to observe the guppies’ reaction to different predators. The
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