1ST MID-TERM (BIO LAB) - taproot winged pinus seed (looks...

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Green algae (live) um i think its Ulva group Chlorophyta (she had a press that she did behind the microscope to help us out but we didnt even notice) know the groups -- and algae are in the kingdom protista Archaea are prokaryotic moss - live - youll have a boy a girl and a girl with a sporophyte know the n & 2n which is which and which is a gametophyte. .. amoeba - moves by pseudopodia 2 ways bacteria move (flagella, cillia) virus what is it 2 things that describe it retrovirus - rna to dna bacteriophage what is it virus that attacks a bacteria lysogenic and lytic cycles - question was just to list the two cycles of viral replication of something like that dinoflagella & gymnosperms are both monecious & dioecious ---BONUS answers perfect and incomplete flower paramecium (pink under scope - a monocot(looks for parallel venation on the leaves in case she changes it to a dicot) live plant --is it glabrous, why not. ours was not because it wasnt hairy
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Unformatted text preview: taproot winged pinus seed (looks like it came from a regular pine cone) what is an thermoacidophile what domain is it in\ 3 domains dicot root or stem is it 2n or n stentor is a mature fern a gametophyte or sporophyte sori on a fern pinna Brassica rapa ventral cells or something like that of the archegonium of a liver wort and can it be fertilized (i thought it was open but she says its closed so it cannot be fertilized) boy and girl liverworts are they sporo/gamet chromosome #s diatoms they look like bacteria they are green and look connnected 3 bacterias spirillum, bacillus, cocci (spiral, rod, spherical) some bacteria under scope ours was cocci seed cone - female (looks like a regular pine cone) takes at least 2 years to mature when do you where a labcoat-- always list 3 things you would look at using a sterioscopic microscope (its just a dissecting microscope) what are the products of the 2 generations of the alternation of generations ??...
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1ST MID-TERM (BIO LAB) - taproot winged pinus seed (looks...

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