1st WebCT assignment A short Q's

1st WebCT assignment A short Q's - documentation of this....

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1. 1 st Lecture exam: February 2 nd . 2. 2 nd WebCT assignment due: 8:00 January 25 th (Thursday) 3. Before reading Ch.22: Survey the chapter 4. Fertilizer X null hypothesis: If fertilizer X does indeed increase fruit production, then the control group will not have as many fruits as the group with fertilizer X added. 5. The control group for fertilizer X is: going to grow at a natural pace producing a normal amount of fruit unlike the test group being accelerated by fertilizer X. 6. From the fertilizer X experiment one can conclude: f. tomato plants that receive fertilizer X produce more tomatoes than do plants that do not receive fertilizer X. 7. How maleness is determined: d. XXYY. 8. Grading procedure: d. no, no, dividing the total of your scores on the assignments and exams by the total possible points from assignments and exams. 9. Who can make up an in-class assignment: e. a student who tells me before lecture that they will miss lecture due to a medical-related reason and provides
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Unformatted text preview: documentation of this. 10. Who can make up a WebCT assignment: f. none of these students. 11. Unsatisfied with CPR results? : a. you can let Dr. Gris know and he will review your text and adjust your score .because he is just that generous. (browning points) 12. Is acidosis defined: Yes, it is defined as a condition when pH drops too low. 13. Does the text mention that kidneys remove HCO 3-1 ? : Yes . and kidneys remove HCO 3-1 , lowering pH. 14. If college education is free: d. a false prediction from a true hypothesis You really want us to know that dont you! 15. Hypothesis: If (A:22,B:78,C:102,D:74,F:41) then the grades were distributed evenly. 16. Do the data support the hypothesis? : No 17. Chi square value: -6.31 Way off? 18. Degrees of freedom: 4 19. P value: I need a little more learnin! 20. Points away from a C: 44.36 21. Percent away from a C: 3%...
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