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audience adaptation - The topic I chose to speak about was...

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Public Speaking Audience Adaptation In my mind there are many beliefs, ideas, or opinions with which I could form a persuasive speech around. In a persuasive speech the objective is to draw the audiences beliefs closer to yours. If the majority of your audience, before your presentation, has opposite beliefs or completely disagrees with your point of view, convincing them to alter their state of mind to fit your beliefs will be near impossible. In order to refrain from complete rejection from the listeners, a questionaire was formed so the speaker will understand the audiences views and opinions. Knowing these opinions, the speaker can adapt his/her speech to accommodate for diverse beliefs. Tying into the lives of the audience members will make them feel as if the speaker is on their side and understands them. Once the trust is gained between the audience and the speaker, the speaker can then begin to elaborate on the persuasive topic.
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Unformatted text preview: The topic I chose to speak about was automotive related. The questionaire did not help me to tie their views in with my presentation because of the lack of audience desire to learn about automotive technology. However, the questionaire did show me that this was not a topic to speak on in front of the group of people. Had I not asked these people about their views in the automotive field I would have been boring them to death with information they had no care for. Audience understanding is most definately one of the most important factors of being a good public speaker. By agreeing with the audiences beliefs, opinions, and/or views of a certain topic, a speaker can convince the listeners to have a greater appreciation for the opinion presented to them and maybe even change a persons beliefs completely to agree with those of the speaker....
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