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Memory Through Photos What topic to choose a) Fire Arms. .. 1. the strength of guns 2. how a gun works b) Automotive. ... 1. mechanics of internal combustion engine. .. c) Photography The importance of personal photos. .. a) take pics for granted. .. 1. we rely on pics to hold memories. b) pictures of friends 1. help remind us of the fun we had with this freind c) my friend that died
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Unformatted text preview: 1. visiting her grave 2. visiting her family 3. seeing her picture d) pictures of family 1. reminds us who loves us 2. most important type of picture 3. moving away 4. not being able to see them, looking at their picture • Closure a) pics help remember 1. people 2. places 3. important things b) remind us of 1. good times 2. how blessed we are...
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