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Commemorative speech - Memory Through Photography So I sat...

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Memory Through Photography So I sat on the edge of my bed last night just thinking of what kind of topic I could talk about that my audience would enjoy. I thought of many subjects of which i'm a genius. I thought of presenting a speech on the mechanics of a fire-arm, then thought I know more about automotive so I could easily speak of that topic. I thought of many areas that I know very much about, but realized that these topics are not in the intrest of the majority of my audience, therefore my presentation would not be a success. I walked around outside looking for something that would just click in my head as the perfect topic. I returned to my room with nothing. As I walked inside on the floor laid a picture of my loving mother. This sparked my intrest to talk about the importance of photograghy. Many of us, including myself, take personal pictures for granted. We never really think about how much we rely on pictures to hold our memories. We can have pictures of our freinds. These can remind
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