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US History since 1877 Exam III Identification Terms Some number of the terms below will appear on the final exam The Geneva Conference The Geneva Conference – what to do with indo china. May, 1954. lest laos and Cambodia go. Take the fighting parties and go to the south and all those fighting go north (talking about Vietnam). Temporarily divide Vietnam. It’s a demilitarized zone – neutral boundary. Geneva Vietnam will be own dependent country in 2 years that’s what the great power decides. Ngo Dinh Diem Ngo Dinh Diem and “one man rule”- Find him in New Jersey. Fly him into Southern Vietnam, capital city. Say he is the president of the country South Vietnam. Begin to send in millions of dollars to build around the guy. Get a police force and a BBI (FBI type). Create legislative body. Suddenly southern Vietnam just comes about. Put 1 and a half billion dollars into nation building. NDD, rapidly against Communism, doesn’t have any credit in Vietnam. Catholic in a Buddhist country. Strategic Hamlets Strategic Hamlets- Build massive fortified Hamlets. Anyone that is not in the Hamlet is an enemy. All they know is that someone is resisting American help so they want to figure it out. Destroy bad hamlets. Start a new hamlet, people who want to come back can move back in. Claim built 12,500. Housed 3.5 million Vietnamese. Early 60’s. kennedy. Put friendly Vietnamese in these hamlets and the others were bad. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Rolling Thunder bombing them back to the stone age Knew wouldn’t end the war. . just shake them up a little. 4 times as many bombs were dropped in Vietnam then in the whole WW2. The Daisy Ad William Westmoreland Commander of west forces in veitnam until 68. by Johnson. Decided on large scale war. War of partition. Things like body count became important. Didn’t work. The Tet Offensive idea was for the Vietnamese to break the staleness (stalemate) of the war. Took US embassy.
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70 thousand insurgents attack Vietnam. Jan 31, 1968. planed since the summer of 1967. marks turning point in war. On the tet holiday. Break stalemate nature of the war. The stalemate was costly. Alters the nature of the war. Success. Walter Cronkite looks like this things a stalemate. He is a news person. More prestigious of an ancour. Went on his own trip to Vietnam. March 31, 1968. he says he is quitting politics. teach in University of Michigan- Faculty compelled to talk about issues of the day. Administration says they can’t do it. So, they organize a class outside of regular school hours. March 1965. 3,000 people show up. Teach-In works like so: very informal. Goes as long as there is still interest. The first one went all through the night. Within months teach-ins were all over the country. University Administration feels threatened by the teach-ins.
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History_final1[1] - US History since 1877 Exam III...

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