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Literature Cited for Research Topic Synopsis

Literature Cited for Research Topic Synopsis - Faber and...

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Literature Cited Ahloowalia, B.S. and Malusynski. Induced mutations-A new paradigm in plant breeding. Euphytica. 118: 167-173. Mohr, H and P, Schopfer. 1994. Plant Physiology. Springer, New York. 464 pp. Searle, S.S. 1973. Environment and Plant Life.
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Unformatted text preview: Faber and Faber, London: 215 pp. Thaung, M. Effects of Ionizing Radiations on Rice Plants. 190: 242-243. Wertz, D. 2004. Chemistry-A Quantitative Science. Prentice-Hall. Inc, North Carolina. 291pp....
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