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Personality According to Sigmund Freud there are three parts that make up the structure of personality. One of which was “ id” , which is the unconscious portion of the personality that houses the most basic drives and stores repressed memories. Another was “superego” . This in Freud’s Opinion was the mind’s storehouse of values, including moral attitudes learned from parents and society and is often referred to as a conscience. The third part making up personality is the “ ego” which is the conscious, rational part of the personality charged with keeping peace between the “id” and the “superego”. The three parts Freud used for personality structure greatly interrelate. Id” and “superego” interrelate due to their tendency to clash. An example of this was given in the text showing the reaction of each when coming to find they had received an extra amount of change at the store. Ego” acts as a moderator between the two because it is the rational part of the mind. The three parts act as a governing force on one another and
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