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What Are My Options Today is March 29, 2007. I am well into my second semester of college and now know what is expected of me and how exactly to tweak my assignments to fit each professor’s idea of excellence. I have finally found, through nearly eight months of struggling, the secret to success in college. This is where I stand. This year has been nothing but hard work and the one thing that most students are looking forward to is mid-May when it is all over, when we are “free”. I am one of these individuals with 100psi of anxiety built up inside of me, ready for summer. Sure, after my last final exam in early May I will be excited to go home, but the work doesn’t stop. It simply transforms from bookwork and long hours of studying, to physical labor. I will be occupied under the employment of my father in order to make enough money in the short three months to pay for books and food for another semester of stress and study. I have set my education to lead me in the direction of becoming some sort of doctor. I am
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