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Adaptation The biggest change of my life has just occurred. I have graduated from highschool and moved on to the college life. In my highschool days i slept late, watched alot of TV, played video games, played sports, and pretty much just sat around doing nothing beneficial towards my well being. My mother washed my clothes, cleaned my bathroom, vacuumed my room, washed my dishes, cooked my meals, took care of all of her responsibilities as well as mine. If my grades started showing signs of trouble my parents would make me sudy harder. They mowed the lawn, they did the chores, and i simply abused that incentive. Now that I am in college a heavy burden has been placed on my shoulders making life a little
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Unformatted text preview: more complicated. In order to survive on my own i have to do my own grocery shopping, wash my own clothing, provide meals for myself, and make sure I get my school work done without having someone to remind me to do it. I have to keep up with grades, keep up with important dates and times, and maintain an organized way of living through time management. It is now my turn to support myself without the help and guidance from my parents. Money, or the lack of it, is the number one problem for me in this point of my life. With all the payments being made and without a well paying occupation...
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