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Paper #2 Instructions DUE DATE: April 30 th Format: 1. You will need a header in the upper right hand corner that includes your name, which reaction paper you are submitting (# 2) and the date. 2. Use 1 inch margins around all edges of the page. 3. Use a 12 point font Times-New Roman or Arial font. 4. Use Single Spacing. 5. Length: One page. Once you have crossed over to a second page, you have gone too far and I WILL NOT READ ANYTHING ON THE SECOND PAGE.
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Unformatted text preview: Instructions: This paper will focus on material presented in Chapter 11. 1. Name and describe the three personality parts according to Freud. 2. How do the parts of Personality you described interrelate? 3. What are ego defense mechanisms? Describe 3 different types of such mechanisms. 4. Provide an example of one of the mechanisms you described to illustrate how it operates to defend the ego....
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