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Final Self-Assessment There are many factors keeping a beginner speaker from feeling completely comfortable giving a presentation in front of an audience. Stage- fright was the main obstacle holding me back. No matter how many times I had read over the material, the second I faced the audince I would freeze up, trip over my words, and often would shake due to anxiety. Through this public speaking course I have gradually improved become a stronger and more comfortable speaker. I have learned to use a higher level of vocabulary in order to be taken seriously by the audience. I now speak slow, clear, and can control the rythm of my speech to pace myself and reach my time
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Unformatted text preview: limit. In my public speaking I use comedy to relax the audience as well as to gain comfort with them. Comedy however can be overused and the audience will not take the speaker seriously and can lose concentration when the speaker is discussing the topic. I try to blend comedy into my speeches to gain the attention of the audience when I see loss of concentration. This semester of Public Speaking has helped me immensely in my comfort in front of people and has assisted me my control over the audience by adapting my speech to the listeners. I have grown in so many ways and am now a much stroger speaker....
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