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speech mid-term asessment - I thought of this speech as a...

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Mid-Term Self-Assessment Last week a speech was assigned to my class. The purpose of this speech whas to commemorate something that you think others should be greatful for. My speech consisted of the commemoration of personal photographs. I expressed how I felt about how much personal pictures mean to all of us and how we take them for granted way too often. It is very common, during my speeches, for me to become nervous and freeze up. This speech had few comical portions, making the anxiety shoot throught the roof. This commemoration, meaning so much to me, helped me overcome a little "stagefright." It made me feel comfortable with my audience.
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Unformatted text preview: I thought of this speech as a test run in order to figure my audience out. Going into my speech I was confident, but was stuck with nerves as soon as I turned to face the class. I have had past experience in a speech class but have had much to go before I become a decent public speaker. I believe that my topic was very appropriate for the class I presented it to. I was given many tips and much advice as to how I could make my speeches better, but I received much more compliments on how well I presented my information in a commemorative way. I have improved greatly, but have a long road ahead....
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