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Speech self asessment - Previous experiences In my junior...

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Public speaking goals : To become more comfotable with the audience(STAGE FRIGHT). To to achieve a higher level of vocabulary . I would like to be able to read the audience better in order to adjust my speeches to control the audiences attention. To become more influential through my speaking ... Limitations: I guess the only limitation would be anxiety / nerves. Assets helping my speaking: I am pretty comfortable with new people , but need to overcome stage fright. I was very involved in extracurricular activities in HS in which speeches were common. I'm not too self-concious so i'm not sitting there thinking about what the audience is thinking of me.
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Unformatted text preview: Previous experiences: In my junior year i won second place in state for a speech i gave about how to disassemble, replace a small eleectrical component, and reassemble an automotive alternater . In my sophmore year i took a speech class and passed it with ease. ..felt very relaxed in my speaking. Topics: Sometime this year i would like to educate the class through a speech about the mechanics of an internal combustion engine . I would like to talk about the history of muscle cars , The importance of being automotively educated for times of emergency. I would like to talk about fishing/ hunting/ outdoors ......
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