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SELF ASESSMENT In public speaking I am generally a great intertainer which helps to be a good speaker and also assists in persuading the audience. This does not at all mean that I am a perfect speaker. There are many bumps in my road and obstacles to be overcome. I would like to become even more comfortable in my public speaking with the audience and be able to put myself in their position while I am speaking in order to evaluate the power of my words. I would like to improve my skills in being able to read the audience by their expressions so I can control the their attention based on if they are bored or need an attention grabber. I would like to achieve a higher level of vocabulary because it really lets everyone know that you know what you are preaching which makes persuasion that much easier. Persuasion is also another goal I would like to achieve and improve in this class. I would like to become more influencial and persuasive through my speaking in order to get my point across and make others see things
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