Final English Paper #2 - A Tragic Day Bodies and dreams...

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A Tragic Day Bodies and dreams fell to the earth as chaos and confusion rose in the courtyards under the clock tower at the University of Texas in Austin. It was the first day of August 1966; a hot, dry summer day fractured by gun shots, which rang out across the sleepy college campus. An assassin named Charles Whitman began his rampage with his arsenal of rifles, shotguns, and pistols, thus ending the lives and aspirations of a dozen innocent college students. This gut-wrenching, historical, landmark event was the very first televised killing spree. Since the end of WWII, a naive feeling of security and well-being had blanketed the country. Mass killings did not exist here. But now on this hot summer day in the heartland of the good ole USA, our youth had been slaughtered. The pain hit close to home for all college students and the families of those attending universities all across America and throughout the world. The media coverage of the gruesome carnage in real time served as a wake-up call for this sleeping nation to spring into action, and to begin making plans to ensure no massacre like this could ever happen again. Vietnam veteran, Charles Whitman, had retired from military service, but retained possession of similar weapons issued to him during his military career. After a violent confrontation with his wife and his mother the night before, he slaughtered both of them,
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Final English Paper #2 - A Tragic Day Bodies and dreams...

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