PAPER - Firearm Regulation Hunting your first big buck...

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Firearm Regulation Hunting your first big buck, shooting skeet, or simply ensuring the safety of your family; these are all prime examples of how firearms can be used in a non-criminal manner. The frequently quoted, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” is exactly the argument at hand between the pro-gun and anti-gun societies. Guns can be harmful but are more often used for recreation or as a security measure. The argument of gun control is based on the 2 nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution being the right of the people to keep and bear arms. “The individual right to keep and bear arms is about freedom, self defense, safeguarding the bill of rights, and protecting against government tyranny and oppression.” People should have the liberty of choosing to own a gun if they desire. If all firearms were banned by law, the black market would quickly become deeply involved in arms dealing. Under a firearms ban, those who go so far as to illegally procure or purchase a firearm would most likely be criminals, thus leaving the innocent community helplessly unarmed against gangs and criminals who roam the streets with firearms in hand. An antigun organization called the Million Moms March made the report that "Gun violence is a public health crisis that harms not only the physical, but also the spiritual, social, and economic health of our families and communities." It is indeed true that guns can certainly be harmful when used in an in appropriate or violent manner, but
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PAPER - Firearm Regulation Hunting your first big buck...

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