Final - r1 Pride who shows it Pride is defined as...

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r 1 Pride, who shows it? Pride is defined as the “delight or satisfaction in one’s own or another’s achievements, in associations etc.” (New World Dictionary). Texas A&M University is a school where pride and tradition are deeply rooted and have a long history. Pride is a common Aggie characteristic and is frequently on display through means of dress. The thrust of this work explores this boastful presentation of school colors and answers the trivial, but interesting, question: which group, male or female, is more “Marooned Out?” In my own opinion, before research, males seemed to prevail as most over females in the case of displaying of school colors. In the study I constructed there was a personal curiosity that led to extensive research and an interesting conclusion that proved which gender displays their school spirit more often though their daily dress. After gathering fairly wide-ranging information from surveys and observation, it became clear which gender displays pride for the University more often by dressing in maroon. To perform this study I followed the ways of an observation presented in Rebekah
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Final - r1 Pride who shows it Pride is defined as...

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