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History Review for Test #2 1. Tories : term used by patriots to refer to loyalists, or colonists who supported the crown after the declaration of independence. 2. Benedict Arnold a. Became one of the most famous loyalist and traitor b. General c. Was in Quebec at beginning of the war d. Had enormous ego e. 1779 paid informant for British f. Related to British and joined them 3. Battle of Long Island a. Complete Catastrophe on Americans b. Colonist Retreated 4. Battle of Harlem Hieght a. September 16 th b. British chased colonist to Harlem c. Almost ended the Revolutionary War d. October 20 th Washington was defeated again 5. Germantown a. Colonist attacked British b. Was forced to Retreat 6. Valley Forge: Winter 1777-1778 a. Washington retired with his army to winter quarters at Valley Forge Pennsylvania. b. Season of intense suffering i. Cold ii. Hunger iii. Disease c. most horses died d. by February 7000 troops to ill for duty e. more than 2500 died f. 1000 deserted (Fled?) g. several hundred officers resigned before winters end 7. Battle of Monmouth a. The patriots bet General Clinton b. General Clinton didn’t take the ships 8. Battle of Camden, South Carolina a. First encounter with General Cornwallis in the south b. Learned a lot about south patriot fighting 9. Battle of Gulford Court House a. Cornwallis won but army is very tired 10. Articles of Confederation a. First framework for government b. Loose confederation of the colonies c. First constitution for Unoted States
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d. Created national assemble which was congress e. Delegates were selected annually i. Couldn’t serve no more than three out of six years f. Created presidency who were elected by congress i. Term lasted one year g. Majority rule 11. “Not worth a Continental” a. Meaning “worthless” b. Was said because the money at the time in the united states is worthless c. Continental = Dollar 12. Treaty of Paris a. Peace Treaty b. Gained independence to colonies c. Permitted fishing in Atlantic d. Freedom to navigate in the Mississippi 13. Land Ordinance of 1785 a. Thomas Jefferson drafted the Land Ordinance b. Government assumed if land is not privately owned the government owned it c. 20,000+ (property owners, 21, male) they could set up a Government d. Could petition for state i. Could not leave once you join e. Land would be divided equally f. $1 acre memory 14. Northwest Ordinance of 1787 a. Established a township before 20,000 people west of Ohio River
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History Review for Test #2 - History Review for Test #2 1....

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