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2nd half of History tems, exam 1 - Three main ideas that...

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Three main ideas that led to discovering and founding the new world. 1) Nationalism 2) Capitalism 3) Protestantism 1) Black Death i) Lasted between 1347-1353 ii) People who died were believed to be sinners iii) Wiped out one-third of Europe’s population iv) People started moving around and going to different town’s spreading the disease but also making a way for merchants to come along 2) City-States i) Emerged From people moving around 3) Johann Gutenberg i) Invented the Moveable type printing press 4) Renaissance i) 1300’s- 1600’s ii) Started with the black death which made people to start moving around iii) Merchants began selling to movers and local city states (1) Provided goods and services (2) Brought Gunpowder, Compass’s and printing type’s to towns (a) Probably the three most useful inventions 5) Humanism i) The study of the body in the human form ii) The scientist who believed and researched this were in opposition to the church 6) Good, Gold, Gory i) Religious Beliefs, the want to make a buck, … 7) Encomienda i) A plantation style system of Agriculture ii) Originated with the Spanish iii) Based on Manuel Labor 8) Melatto/ Meotizo 9) Martin Luther i) Posted the 95 thesis on the door of the church (1) 1517 (2) Thesis were his opinions on how to clean up the church ii) Started a idea of predestination 10) Protestant Reformation i) When the German states conflicted with the catholic church ii) Started with Martin Luther and the 95 Thesis (1) Cause it taught different than the main Roman Catholic church
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11) Predestination i) Martin Luther’s idea of how people know if they are saved and that God already knows who will be saved ii) Also brought the idea of Wealthy= Salvation (1) This idea the wealthy liked, especially the rich merchants (2) Idea basically said that the wealthy were wealthy because God blessed them 12) John Calvin i) Refined Predestination (1) Focused on Industry and Personal Responsibility 13) John Knox i) Brought Calvin’s teachings to England (1) England Resisted it ii) Founded the modern day Presbyterian Church (1) It was tough for him to back away from the church and all of his members 14) King Henry VIII i) Had a falling out with the Catholic Church ii) Declares himself Pope iii) Seized control of all catholic properties (1) Sells them (2) Takes money and builds a good, strong army 15) Huguenots i) Knox’s Followers
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