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History Notes: October 31, 2007 Lecture #14 ROUGH DRAFT OF BOOK REVIEW DUE MONDAY AT END OF CLASS! COMPLETED BOOK REVIEW DUE WEDNESDAY AFTER NEXT! IMPERIALISM: THE BIRTH OF TEXAS THE COUNTRY AND THEN THE STATE Begins as people doing something they shouldn’t be. In 1840, Americans occupy almost al available land west of the Appalachians and east of the Mississippi. Always looking for “greener grass” so migration is naturally to the west to find wealth Wealth: 1st-fur trade began in 1824 with William Ashley, Rendezvous System : developed system of fur trade developed by William Ashley and revolutionized the way the Americans worked. Called for traders to get together at pre-determined location on annual basis and then get together at a trade fair-gives people precise understanding of goal they are working for. Didn’t discriminate against anyone Exchange stories of hunting grounds and trade pelts for things needed (horses, pots and pans, drank, consorted with prostitutes) Most trappers not against the Indians, but rather asked for their help in their pursuit, but didn’t think of them as equal By 1840’s: west of Mississippi most animal furs were exhausted (fox, mink, beaver, etc.) and animals almost extinct Fur trade goes out so the govt. decides to begin mapping of the Western U.S. beginning with Lewis and Clark Lt. Zebulon Pike explores Rocky Mts. In Colorado and others follow Govt. publishes results of these surveys and sends them out to public. Included info of use for farmers for these people to survey the land for research. Land Ordinance of 1785 put in place to grid out land for prospective settlers Encountered all Indians that had been relocated from west to east and they become “in the way again.” So their first instinct is to fight and then after put on reservations against their will. Great American Desert : Great Plains region that was the first thing encountered by settlers and was desolate and flat; called this because it was extremely difficult to navigate. Prairie grass was between 15 and 20 ft tall with no landmarks around you. 1st settlers create a trial became known as Santa Fe Trail to end in Santa Fe, New Mexico Overland Trail passes through Indian territories and become agitated. Govt. abolishes northern half of Indian territory and gives it to white settlers (Kansas and Nebraska) and forces them to OK and TX and then later forced to SD b/c of black gold (oil) found in region Few people stay in between regions of the U.S. b/c not good to live in. Why should Americans go into land that isn’t ours? Manifest Destiny : coined in 1845 by newspaper reporter name John O’Sullivan. Argued that it was America’s Manifest Destiny to settle areas in the west. Americans have a God given right to bring benefits of American rights to those
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history notes 14 - History Notes Lecture#14 ROUGH DRAFT OF...

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