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History Notes: November 5, 2007 Lecture #15 Before Constitution was written there was no identification with the U.S. Think of themselves according to where they live as opposed to Americans. New England first region to assert regional identity. Predecessor of Nullification Crisis in S.C.; Missouri Compromise of 1820: Sectional differences postpones inevitable. Then North and South go own ways with rural and urban areas. Expansion of N. America: if it hadn’t happened then we could have avoided it. Shot off in Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Had to balance everything out. North: Wilmot Proviso, South: popular sovereignty Issues resurface in the 1850’s b/c idea of Manifest Destiny explodes with Gold Rush Taylor chooses the “pass the buck solution” Compromise of 1850 : touches on many issues, omnibus bill trying to please everyone; Henry clay submits it in the House on Jan 29, 1850. Says: 1) CA admitted as free state (N) and slavery not restricted in any other territory ceded by Mexico (S) 2) TX and NM boundary dispute by TX agreeing to cede the land to NM and in exchange the U.S. govt. assumes war debt built by TX as independent nation 3) slave trade ended in D.C. (N) and 4) Congress required to pass strong fugitive slave law that northerners would be required to support (allows southerners to go to northerners to reclaim property that ran away or was stolen Debated for 7 months (every day) 2 phases: Old Guard primary debaters Henry Clay with Nationalist view ; C. Calhoun rejects the bill but proposes a Constitutional amendment for election of 2 pres (one N and S) each with veto power. If placed before both, and one vetoes then it doesn’t pass. Daniel Webster urges support for clay Bill fails. Into void steps new Guard: William H. Seward who rabid abolitionist in mold of Garrison; Jefferson Davis (southern); Stephen Douglas (western) and put together deal to be supported by majority. Z. Taylor intervenes and says he won’t sign any legislature until CA and NM were admitted to union and then he dies. Millard Fillmore becomes president and wasn’t strong leader. Stephen Douglas takes opportunity and says they are going to pass Compromise of 1850 and break it up and forces congressmen to vote on each part one at a time and results in all of them being passed. Gadsden Purchase : completed Southern border of U.S. with Mexico. New land raises issue about what to do with slavery Omnibus : a tactic by Congressmen that includes totally unrelated ideas in a single bill b/c it makes it hard for the pres. to veto the bill (roll in bad with the good) or you can debate every single item and send it to the pres. individually. California Admissions Bill: said California should come into the union and that slavery should be abolished in D.C. (the 2 have nothing to do with each other); tries to solve border dispute b/t TX and NM; liberty laws, etc. In large bill favors the north and legislation vetoed b/c at the end of the day
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history notes 15 - History Notes: November 5, 2007 Lecture...

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