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History Notes: November 12, 2007 Lecture #16 FINAL BOOK REVIEW DUE NEXT CLASS! THE BOOK IS NOT A NOVEL…IT’S A MONOGRAPH OR A BOOK. The winner gets to write the history of the conflict. The North won the war militarily, but had problems winning the peace of the war (to get the South on the same page with them socially and economically) Do the means justify the ends? Does one wrong make a right? Does the emancipation of the slaves justify the violence, killing, etc. that took place during the Civil War? The breaking point b/t North and South was the election of Abe Lincoln in the fall of 1860. South began to talk about cession from the Union and did so and elected their own president, Jefferson Davis. Lincoln’s problems with his govt. and generals much less severe than Davis’s problems with his. FL, SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, and TX cede from the Union first. Problem was that they ceded from the Union but the Army remained loyal to the National power in Washington D.C. Key base that leads to Fort Sumpter : island at entrance of Charleston, S.C. that leads to first shootings in the Civil War. Lincoln decides that April 6 he is going to send reinforcements to fort. Davis orders fort to surrender or be taken by force and for 2 days the rebels and the Yankees eyeball each other. Relief ship gets close and southerners fire and 3 days later those in fort surrender and put under Confederate control. South, Davis calls for 3 month enlistment and Lincoln does the same for the North b/c he thinks that’s how long the war is going to last. South has people who are true believers and committed to fighting it until the end which is why the war lasted longer than 3 months. Firing on Fort Sumter causes remaining states in Union to decide whether they are going to side with the north or the south. AK, TN, NC, VA join Southern states. Capital of Confederacy moved to Richmond putting the capitals within 100 miles of one another. Kentucky legislature claims to be neutral. Lincoln accepts this although they illegally traded with the South in arms and with people. Those in the South had to cede to protect their property. July 1861-Lincoln has formed Army in and around Washington D.C. and wants to move them outward Bull Run : place where Confederate troops and Union troops meet and with the Union army comes journalists, their families, butlers, etc. like they are going to the movies. Confederate forces overrun the Union Army after stalemate declared. And those observing move back to D.C. quickly and both sides realize that the war is going to take longer than expected. 600,000 killed in entire war. 25% of both sides die. North has many advantages over the South-produce most of the footwear, cloth, guns, etc. South has a hold of the cotton industry. Their advantages come in hard to play in the battlefield. (their strategy was to move in and give knock out blow and be done with it.) Southern advantages: fighting defensive war, have home field advantage (so those
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history notes 16 - History Notes Lecture#16 FINAL BOOK...

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